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About Us

Platinum Verification is a registered black owned company.
We see entrepreneurship as a powerful force to grow the economy.
We identify business opportunities, do project, production and financial planning.
We use leading edge concepts and interventions, such as “incubators”, mentorship, coaching, facilitators and internships to transfer production skills, business skills, marketing skills and interpersonal skills, to mould new entrepreneurs and help ensure their success.

Our panel of psychologists provides us with psychological reports and profiles to make sure we develop the potential of the participants.

As part of our code of ethics we pursue economic growth, protection of the environment, community development, honest business practices and ethical values.

The inspirational Mr. Menzi Yende, a prominent businessman and author of the book: “Entrepreneurship Development, The way to go” is a trustee of the Enterprise Empowerment Trust, which is one of the sponsors of the Platinum Verification project.

Timothy Harrisonis the founder of the Enterprise Empowerment Trust. His passion is the promotion of entrepreneurs and BBBEE enterprise development. He works in partnership with PUM, the international Dutch development organisation, which provides support and expertise to help facilitate entrepreneurial development in Africa and beyond.

Shareholders and Directors of Platinum Verification:
Timothy Harrison
















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Our Mission

We transfer production, marketing, selling, interpersonal, human resources, networking and other skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

To lead, inspire and empower emergent entrepreneurs in the “War against poverty”, and government’s “Growth Path” initiative.