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Introduction to Platimum Verifications

Platinum Verifications is a 100% Black owned entity that is committed to providing an efficient service to its clients. Platinum Verification was founded on the belief that significant value is added to clients if timely and excellent service is rendered to them. We plan to offer an excellent service and become a center of excellence that our customers will not be able to outgrow. Our aim is to turn our clients into our sales people through quality and timely service.


What is BEE?

BEE, or more accurately Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is the process by which the government is trying to ensure economic equity amongst race groups.

The act is intended to encourage transformation by including black people in the economy. It covers aspects such as equity ownership (shares in the business), management of the business, skills development, employment equity (staffing), procurement (where you purchase your supplies), enterprise development and corporate social responsibility.

The act itself is very short! It consists of only 5 pages and effectively all it says is that Government must commit itself to BBBEE. It also says that the measurement of BBBEE effectiveness must be set up and defined by the minister of trade and industry.

What we offer.

We offer BEE Rating services and BEE training. We believe that training and sharing knowledge are some of the best tools we can use to transform the mind. We are of
the belief that a mind changed by knowledge will never go back to its original dimensions and therefore, our training programs focus on Black Economic Empowerment as a tool for social and economic transformation of the country. Our BEE Verification clients comprise of Micro enterprises to large conglomerates.







Platinum Verification offers the following services in BEE

  • Verification
  • File Compilation
  • Procurement
  • Pre Verification

Current BEE News

29/08/2015 New B BBEE Codes


Client Testimonials

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Our Vision

To lead, inspire and empower emergent entrepreneurs in the “War against poverty”, and government’s “Growth Path” initiative.


Our Mission

We transfer production, marketing, selling, interpersonal, human resources, networking and other skills necessary for successful entrepreneurship.

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